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Welcome to this website, I hope you find it informative and interesting. If you have any questions or comments, please send them via email or phone.

I practise phytotherapy, which is the the modern practice of western medical herbalism supported by scientific research and the highest professional standards.  This involves, where appropriate and subject to a thorough consultation assessment, providing a bespoke remedy together with advice on diet and possibly other lifestyle aspects.  People consult western herbalists for a wide variety of conditions, including those of the musculo-skeletal, digestive, circulatory, skin and immune systems. Patients with serious medical conditions should always consult their doctor but herbal medicines can be used in addition to conventional healthcare.


I belong to the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy, a professional practitioners' association. To give you more of an idea of our approach an anonymous example of a case has been written up here and answers to frequently asked questions are provided here.


Professional herbalists these days help people with their health and wellbeing across a wide variety of illnesses and chronic conditions.


To find out more about phytotherapy and how it might help you, telephone 07947-470789 for an initial discussion free of charge.A first consultation takes at least an hour.Follow up appointments normally last about 30 minutes.


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Why consult a qualified herbalist, when most people simply buy herbal supplements over the counter?  First of all for safety reasons, as herbs can interact with orthodox medication and with the way the body functions.   Secondly, to match the right herbs to you and your condition.  There is a limit to the guidance written on the side of a bottle and there is often more than one herb appropariate to a particular condition. Different herbs suit different people and an experienced herbalist can advise you on the right herbs for you. Thirdly, to provide complementary care that treats the person as a whole and as far as possible deals with root causes.


Legalities: the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitionersí Association represents practising herbalists in Europe across their various approaches and traditions.† Herbal practitioners can prescribe remedies they dispense themselves after a face to face consultation, from a place to which the public does not have direct access.  Products onthe Register of Traditional Herbal Products or those with a Product Licence that donít require a healthcare professionalís advice can be supplied but not other herbal products or ready made preparations. Details of the current regulations are on the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency website.


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