Consultations are available by appointment: please phone 07947-470789 to arrange. An initial consultation takes at least an hour. Typically, there will be a follow up appointment within 2 to 3 weeks and subsequent consultations according to need. The total number of consultations required varies. Initial discussions for up to 10 minutes are free of charge.  


Consultation fees:

An important benefit of herbal medicine is the time provided and in addition to consultation time, practitioners have to do much behind the scenes, researching, writing up notes, checking interactions, ordering stocks and so on.  

An initial consultation usually takes at least an hour and is normally charged at 60 per hour. Concessions may be available where appropriate.  Please note that phone calls or emails outside appointed times other than new enquiries may be charged for.

A charge will be made for appointments cancelled within 48 hours, unless there is a genuine reason.


Charges for made up herbal medicines:

Tinctures: 8.50 per 100 ml.

Aromatic waters: 10 per 100ml

Fluid extracts: 10 per 100 ml.

Dried herbs and powders: 7.50 per 100 g.

            Creams: vary depending on what goes into them but a 30g jar can be £7-9).


Dispensing fee, repeat prescriptions: 12.

   Post & packing charge if posted          typically 4-6, depending on costs.





Page updated on 4th February 2019

Norman Howard