Norman Howard BSc (Hons), qualified medical herbalist         



Some useful web sites


College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy – a professional association of qualified western herbalists also providing training seminars


The National Institute of Medical Herbalists – another association of qualified western herbal practitioners (lists other interesting websites on plant medicines)


European Herbalists & Traditional Practitioners’ Association – umbrella body of professional herbal associations.


The Herb Society – promoting the use and appreciation of herbs for a variety of applications


          Herbal medicine information website - a useful guide on herbal medicine, its practice and what to expect when you see a practitioner, produced with the EHTPA.



Selected herbalists’ websites


Bloomsbury Health Centre – London based clinic of Andreas Syrimis, osteopath, medical herbalist and lecturer


Chanchal Cabrera – a leading herbalist and lecturer, practising in Vancouver and Oregon.


Chartwell Apothecary - a herbal dispensary and natural healing centre in Kent, run by medical herbalist Caroline Drew.


Earnshaw's - a herbal dispensary in Yorkshire, run by phytotherapist John Earnshaw.

Integrated Herbal Healthcare - practice of cancer specialist and phytochemistry expert, Christopher Etheridge.












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Norman Howard